Beautiful people

The beautiful human beings that I am addressing in this entry, have not all mastered the sophisticated language of the ancient northern drunks. During the past days in Memphis TN in the superb company of my dear friend Rúnar and my new favorite Emme that I choose to label as the southern fairy, – I have realized that people simply just mean much more to me than I ever thought possible. I want to thank you for housing and nurturing me. I raise my voice in great confidence and say without any doubt that I had the best time, I have had this year.
I bow my head and say thank you, thank you, thank you.
Being picked up from the airport by the mischievous mrs. Morris(frú Sigríður), with her undying charms, and pleasant and somewhat arousing fragrance. I thank you mrs. Morris for being there to carry all the alchol I was forced into buying for my people. Not to mention all the cigarettes I bought for the sicilian.
Then when entering my grand castle on puke street, my dear friend Maria Teresa Stella Falabella(with a name like that you can only be proud), that did some housesitting had put up the set of balloons, visible to you in the included picture. Attached to every ballon is a comic she drew. Coming home from travelling has been somewhat difficult for me, but seeing the decoration made me very happy. One might think I have become soft and sentimental as a result to spending time with these mighty people, but soft and sentimental is what I have always been, and I am not ashamed of it.

Notes on food.
I have turned my back on greasy spoon, and am back to eating organic. Long live anorexia, my favorite disease.

4 thoughts on “Beautiful people”

  1. Sweet Siggi, you the major man, the ultimate practitioner of the unbearable lightness of being. Thank you for honoring our humble lives with your greatness and specially for the tour through the life of the King; the Elvis, though I am more of a Johnny Cash man, I enjoyed visiting all the important places of his kingdom. I apologizes for the behavior of mosquito it was not nice of them to target you like this, but it goes to show that even the smallest creature can’t help them selves in your presence. Thanks for the Ubuntu the world will never be the same. Long live the revolution and long live the King!!!

  2. Ahhhh Siggi! YOU are the most beautiful! I so much miss your singing. We had a wonderful time here in hot Memphis, didn’t we? We all miss you, especially Anja giggle giggle.
    Please send Maria a hug from me and many thanks for the cd 🙂 I used my fairy wand last night and slept brilliantly. I cast a sleeping spell and it worked TA DAH!! How is your amazing life in Iceland?

  3. My dearest Emme. After my day of hard work I went out for a run. I almost was killed by a combination of wind and rain. It appears summer is here. It’s cold, wet and nasty. You mention my singing. I recall almost driving you into the mouth of madness with the beautiful song “downtown”. Downtown, downtown, forget about your troubles, forget about your worries, trallallalll llalla lalla l l. I believe Maria wants your email address. Can I give her the gmail address? This is turning into an open correspondance. Now how about that 🙂

  4. Sing song Siggi! I am quite relieved that you are safe after such a treacherous time with your run! ye gawds!
    Yes, please give Maria the gmail address. By the way I was mad long before the repeat of downtown downtown… the hospital let me out for your visit. How lucky for us 😉 I think you should go for two runs today as I fear you may be working too hard! Two runs should definitly relieve some work related stress. How about this open correspondance, eh?

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