Downtown Laugavegur

Even though living in Laugavegur can be intolerable during the weekends, while the drunks roam the street. It has the potential to become very lively and enjoyable in the daytime. This afternoon, when returning from my office a few bands performed outside my window. The one in the picture is a band called Mammut, of which I know no details of.
Laugavegur is vivid.
Almost every parade there is strolls down this street. I have a coffeehouse right opposed to my window. I get to see all kinds of events take place. Some are nice, and others are not. Still I love it. I’m sad to say that in the coming february I will have to move. Some man with dough has bought the building and he will demolish it. I will surely, surely miss it.

2 thoughts on “Downtown Laugavegur”

  1. Great to get the lively View from the castle, I can totally understand I miss it already….Never expected it would be so difficult to see views that are but not the ones that are just in front of the eyes but the ones that are stored before them.
    well la la

  2. no no no!!! i am sad to read this news. i do not like this man who will tear down your home! pooh on him pooooooooooh poooooooooooh i say!
    we miss you terribly and are so lucky you spoiled us so… in lovely reykjavik!
    my hair almost feels normal again after our adventure to the blue lagoon! siggi you are
    super cool!

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